Noise on random channels in DSD256

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Noise on random channels in DSD256

Postby iandobie » Wed Jun 26, 2019 15:09

I'm getting noise (loud hiss) on random channels in DSD256. The noise appears randomly at startup in Pyramix, and when closing the app and reopening its either gone or has moved to another channel. Any thoughts?

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Re: Noise on random channels in DSD256

Postby charlienyc » Thu Jun 27, 2019 17:23

Pyramix tends to cycle through 44.1kHz PCM when starting up. This causes devices to click and pop because their sample rate is different than the software, or the DAC pops when switching to match the software's sampling rate (and again when it settles back to where you had it). It doesn't seem to matter what the default sample rate is in Pyramix. This may be the cause of the noises you're hearing.

You can try switching the setting in Aneman for your DAC to follow the sampling rate of the software (or not), and see if that reduces the noises.

Several of us complained about this years ago, but it has not changed. It wouldn't hurt to send a message to to prompt a fix, especially if this solution doesn't work.

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