some minor bugs with gnome and pulse ... s67_driver
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some minor bugs with gnome and pulse

Postby audiosonica » Thu Mar 14, 2019 14:30

I all,

my distro is AV Linux:
Linux AudioWorkstation 4.16.12-rt5-avl1 #12 SMP PREEMPT RT Thu Jun 14 04:35:48 EDT 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Witn pulse server everything is ok except some minor bugs.

To best describe I made a small video recording my linux desktop, stored here: ... _linux.mp4

I outline here the sequence to reproduce the bugs:

00:00:00 I start Spotify on Linux
00:05:00 I open the Pulse Desktop Mixer
00:12:00 I restart Merging Profile
00:20:00 I start ravenna daemon
00:39:00 Now that the daemon is alive, still there is no sound coming out of Spotify
00:41:00 I restart (again) ravenna profile (the first time was not necessary)
00:46:00 Now sound is coming out of Spotify but can't be heard
00:50:00 I must go to the tab output and switch on the device. Then sound is coming out! :-)
01:01:00 I close the Pulse Desktop Mixer, sound is still there beacuse there is another opened istance of the Pulse Desktop Mixer
01:11:00 As soon as I close the last istance of the mixer, sound goes off
01:20:00 If I re-open the mixer, sound comes back on. So, it is necessary to keep the mixer open
01:30:00 Error log of the daemon

So, to my experience on AV Linux distro the problems are:

1) when the computer boots, after the daemon has started, the Ravenna device must be switched off and the on again in order to be available
2) When the device have been restarted, it is available but still switched off. Whould be nice to have it on by default since the beginning
3) In order for the audio stream to be alive, the Desktop Mixer Window must be kept open. No big deal, but if I close it sound should still be on

I outline that all these settings are properly configured with a normal usb sound devices.

By the way, thanks Merging for porting Ravenna into Linux world!! :-)