MacOS - ProTools HDX - HORUS - PT64

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MacOS - ProTools HDX - HORUS - PT64

Postby johnbeetlebailey » Thu Mar 07, 2019 18:50

Hey, I would love to hear from others running MacOS - ProTools Ultimate 2018.12 - HORUS - PT64 as their core system?

I'm checking in constantly to see if there's an updated MacOS Ravenna driver, but not yet.

I switch back and forth between HDX-PT64 (for tracking) and Core Audio-Ravenna (for mixing). If you live in ProTools HDX world, you'll know that the voice penalty of inserting a 5.1 channel Native plugin on an Aux Channel results in a drop of 6 voices. Multiply that across a complex mix, and you'll either have to upgrade to HDX3, or switch to Native and get a huge benefit of CPU capability and no voice drops as a result of the round trip from DSP mixer-to CPU-and back...

I'm experiencing a huge bottleneck with Mac OS / Ravenna since I upgraded to High Sierra. I've reduced my connection down to 8 channels in each direction, and it's hanging in, but wondering if I should be installing a high-performance PCIe Network Card in my MacPro 5,1 in the hopes of getting Ravenna performance back up to something stable.

For those that live in the never-ending world of AAE -9171, -9173, and now -6101 errors, you know what I'm talking about. The -6101 errors seem to be related directly to the stability of the Ravenna Core Audio driver, and throwing off ballast has helped.

Any thoughts here?