Stereo and Mono files

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Perfect Record
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Stereo and Mono files

Postby Perfect Record » Mon Feb 04, 2019 20:42

Unexpected problem:

I got a project in from a studio, recorded in Pro Tools. On each take, a couple tracks are recorded interleaved stereo, while the others are mono. For example, piano-interleaved stereo, while guitars and bass etc. are all mono. About 20 tracks total.

My normal practice is to use a script to re-name the files for Pyramix, then bring them into the project. I've done this with hundreds of thousands of PT files over the years with no problem, but this is I guess the first time there's been a mix of mono and interleaved files.

I named the first stereo file ending in _#001#_ and the next stereo file as _#002#_. In my project, the first 2 faders/tracks are stereo. The following mono tracks 003, 004, 005 etc.

When I place the takes into the project via Media Manager, I get the correct audio on track 1 Left, but the wrong audio on 1 Right. All the following mono tracks come up shifted up by a couple tracks.

I tried as a test renaming the first stereo interleave to _#001#_ and the second to _#003#_, and that didn't work either.

Of course if I go back to the original files in Pro Tools namespace, I can manually place the stereo interleaves, then the following mono tracks, and everything is fine. But there are almost 100 takes on this project, so that's out of the question.

I could go back and convert all interleave files to mono tracks, but I thought I'd ask the group first.

I've loaded countless Pro Tools projects into Pyramix using my normal renaming system, but this is the first time I've encountered the stereo interleave problem.