Pyramix 11 + Tango?

3rd Party controllers used with Merging products
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Pyramix 11 + Tango?

Postby tonzauber » Wed Apr 18, 2018 21:36

Hi dear Pyramix Users,

Since this is my first post on this board, may I quickly introduce myself:
I am Georg, recording engineer based in Vienna, doing mostly classical music, and I just moved after 15 years of SADiE to Pyramix. So I am an absolute greenhorn here.

We are currently planning a second studio and control room, and as we can not replicate our primary CR with the large Studer mixing desk due budget and space constraints, I am looking for alternatives that still have a good tactile feeld and feedback.
I know the mackie controls, and I just tested the avid artist mix, so I clearly know what I do not want.
Which brings us in the world of high end controllers, which, unfortunately, is not too large.

I once followed a demo of the Tango controller and remember its beautiful concept and sturdy build quality. As the company is out of business for three years now, of course it is unsupported,and new features that were implemented afterwards in Pyramix are not or only partially supported.

I found this document in the wonderful confluence section: ... go+support

Are there any more caveats? Tangos can be had for quite cheap...

Can maybe some still active Tango users comment on day to day workflow implications?

Thanks a lot!

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