Simplify Aux/Mix Bus/Groups, create tracks from mixer strips

Self-explained! ;-)
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Simplify Aux/Mix Bus/Groups, create tracks from mixer strips

Postby scottdupre » Fri Jan 19, 2018 17:23

I am Live mixing from Pyramix and am finding it very difficult and complicated to record setup the mixer in a usable manner.

1) It seems the Aux/Mix Groups/Busses could be greatly simplifies to a single Aux Bus that can be routed to outputs/internal busses, in addition to sending to additional aux busses and routing to master busses. I can't see any added advantage to the current implementation. If there is, please enlighten me.

2) In live mixing, I need to place strips in order of necessity, but aux busses/groups can not be moved from the right hand side. In addition, I would like to record the automation data for the strips as I mix. As a workaround, I am creating lots of return channels which is cumbersome. I would like to be able to right click on a mixer bus/group strip (or VCA) and choose "create edit track," directly linking a track to the strip for automation recording/editing.
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