Hapi as a monitor level controller.

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Hapi as a monitor level controller.

Postby Munki » Tue Sep 20, 2016 00:03

Hello good people.
I am looking to upgrade my rooms monitoring and am considering the hapi box for the DA stage and as level controller (volume knob!). I will be sending my stereo monitoring feed from DAW to ravenna network to some speaker management / cross over software that is hosted on a second computer. The crossover will result in 6 channels (tri amping) and so will return the data to the hapi box via ravenna. I assume this is all feasible from using the advanced routing mode in ravenna but wanted to put this infront of you all incase I have missed something. (I am in New Zealand without access to a demo unit).

Supplimentary questions!:
Is there a way to have the volume controller attenuate only 6 of the 8 DA channels in a card. (ie. In the above scenario can I use the remaining 2 DA channels to feed an analog recording chain without their level changing along with the monitoring system)?

Does the rotary encoder when in volume control mode do its work in the analog domain or the digital. i.e.. Is it software based attenuation pre the DA or is it analog circuitry post the DA (this question also applies to the headphones).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts / experiences.
Mike Gibson.

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Re: Hapi as a monitor level controller.

Postby ljudatervinning » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:09

As far as I know, you can not control DA-channels individually, only a full module.
It would be awesome though if you could offset the level of each channel independently and control the volume with the rotary controller.
As I understand, the ESS Sabre chip (the DAC-chip), can be used as a level controller, and being very good at that. A guess this is what Merging does.
Level control in digital domain will far outperform an analog controller, if implemented right.

Headphone and DA-board will be controlled independently.
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Re: Hapi as a monitor level controller.

Postby crossby » Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:56