V Cube Installation on a lap top

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V Cube Installation on a lap top

Postby neilhipkiss » Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:30

I am still using v5.1 LE. I have a complete working system on my desk top PC (win7 pro). I need to work whilst i am away in a few weeks , so I decided to install Pyramix and V Cube on my lap top (win 10 pro).
All installed OK,Pyramix works fine, however I have no video image on my screen in V cube, I loaded an MP4 and the the playback window is black, the audio plays fine, the same file plays OK on my desktop. I have installed Quicktime Pro onto the system, read the manual. I also exported the settings form my working system and put them onto the lap top.
Has anyone any idea what I have missed out on the set up process?



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Re: V Cube Installation on a lap top

Postby fl » Mon Sep 19, 2016 14:56

Which version of Pyramix (you mentioned you're using VCube 5.1)? I believe you have to match certain versions of Pyramix with certain versions of VCube.

Have you tried a different video file?

Is the MP4 file H264 encoded? (There are MP4 files, and there are MP4 files. For example, I don't think Pyramix/VCube will work with HEVC/H265 encoding.)
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Re: V Cube Installation on a lap top

Postby vc_frankeinstein » Tue Dec 13, 2016 15:46

Vcube 5.1 display doesn't work on Windows 10 period. It is using windows primitives which has been discontinued with Windows 8 and 10. Best thing is to reach the support or your reseller.