Suggestions: for me v-cube

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Blame monkey
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Suggestions: for me v-cube

Postby Blame monkey » Thu Mar 23, 2006 13:36

Batch Capture
i.e. the ability to create a list of TC in and out points and let the vcube capture all of these from a digi or what ever source
like the auto edit but lots of in and out points. Also be able to capture a specified pre-roll with the defined in-out points, dependent on the countdown clock on tape.
For instance, programme material generally starts at 10:00:00:00 and has further programmes starting on each minute boundary. There is a 10sec-countdown clock associated to each programme, which needs to be captured. Countdown clocks can be 30sec, 10sec, 5sec or 3sec. It’s easier to set a pre-roll than work out all the T/C numbers.

Batch Export
Be able to select multiple video clips on the timeline and export each as a separate file in one operation.

Be able to capture straight to a Quicktime/AVi file with embedded audio. Would be quicker than having to capture and then export as two separate processes.

Normalise audio level option on export.
We work at EBU broadcast levels (pk –10dBFS). When exporting to a Quicktime or AVi the audio is very low. Need to have the Quicktime/AVi audio pk at 0dBFS.

File Names.
Names of the files captured should come from the generic name of the Project by default.
At present the file names are incremental from 001 etc. To set the filename to the Project name at present is a bit cumbersome.

Transport should have a one-button function, which would toggle chase enable on the internal machine and ctrl on the Sony 9-pin simultaneously

More codecs please
Does not seem to play files Avi and QuickTime’s that have been created on other systems like windows movie maker

Fire wire controls and capture
Would be nice if vcube could capture from fire wire devices such a dv cam and mini dv – there’s firewire on the front panel of V-Cube…so why let it go to waste. If we use windows to capture the file we can’t use that file on V-Cube as explained above.

Final feature request…daily tips on how to pick up women as being stuck in a machine room with V-Cube has stunted my social development. :cry:

The Blame Monkey. X.

Laurent Sevestre
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Postby Laurent Sevestre » Thu Mar 23, 2006 17:14


- The batch capture is on our to do list.
- I note the batch render for selected Clips.
- Capturing embedded audio for both AVI and QT file is currently too CPU demanding to ensure the recording reliability with all possible supported video formats and number of audio tracks.
- The exported audio level is relative to the trim knob on every audio layer.
- The Firewire may be developped with the growing demand of direct HDV camera direct support. But since it's a GOP compression based standard it's not the most adapted for audio post-production. DV is obsolete for professional use
- 51 codecs are already supported for direct playback (no import or conversion). Movie Maker produce DV encoded AVI files that are problematic for VCube. I investigate. But it's really not a professional application. DVCPRO-HD and MJPEG2000 are arriving.

The next VCube version will feature an improved ergonomics.

About women, it's time to benefit of the Spring.


Blame monkey
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Joined: Tue Feb 07, 2006 18:24

Postby Blame monkey » Thu Mar 23, 2006 18:55

Hi Laurent
Export Audio level...
Maybe the fader knob value could be entered by typing in a value; quicker than trying to get all the tracks to the same level. Still think a normalise option would be more efficient and prevent peak overloads.

Maybe it's a sign of our times in the UK, but we have clients shooting on DV CAM, namely the BBC. We hire in Sony DSR machines to accomodate the work, and thought it would be great if we could capture through the IEEE 1394 DV interface.


Laurent Sevestre
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Joined: Mon Feb 16, 2004 19:01
Location: France

Postby Laurent Sevestre » Thu Mar 23, 2006 19:07


For audio levels:
- Shift + mice speeds up control
- Ctrl + mice contrains to 6 dB steps
- Double-click on the level button resets it to 0 dB

The FireWire DV control has been added to our clients' requests