HORUS/HAPI: Capable of Internal hw based Digital Summing?

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HORUS/HAPI: Capable of Internal hw based Digital Summing?

Postby esencia » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:08


After some test I did, I'm considering to evolve my setup from analog summing to a digital summing. , so I wonder if HORUS/HAPI are good alternatives for it..

Based on the fact the fact that digital summing has been evolving during last years.

Recently, I was talking with a friend (composer and producer), and he is fully working doing digital mixing using his Yamaha DM2000 mixer.
96 digital channels ready to be mixed using its dedicated DSPs.
The result is that the mix is much open and clear than the one made by the DAW (no matter if logic, cubase or protools was the DAW)
He thinks that the reason could be based on the fact that Yamaha's mixer is using dedicated fpgas for digital summing instead of "software code lines"..

So I decided to do my own test.
Orion32 with Dangerous music 2bus+ and 2busLT, plus a RME HDSPe MADI FX card (connected to Orion through MADI).
I took a 39 tracks mix.
Full ITB mix. Using Protools 2018 and also with Logic 10.4
Routing 28 analog channels to external summing.
Using RME internal TOTALMIX FX. (this card is able to mix by hw more than 3oochannels!).


RME TOTALMIX is better than ITB mix clearly.
Comparing TOTALMIX with Analog summing, it was like the analog version had some silk over it, so it made me think that it could be just the effect of going outside through an analog gear.
So I took mi TOTALMIX track, and I play it though my external Dangerous unit (only the already stereo mixed stem), and BINGO!
The result... RME's TOTALMIX was as good or even better than the full 28ch analog mix.

IMHO there are diferences in the way that DAW or dedicated hardware create the digital mix.
It´'ll be always better to use dedicated hardware for summing (fpga, RME's TOTALMIX), than common software (I don´t know if Sequoia is leading a much better approach similar to the way that other hw does).
Once you have that hw digital mixed stem, it well worth to go through an analog path (2bus paco) to add certain silk and glue (even just a stereo stem).
At the end it seems that we will have a better mix, easier & cheaper (in terms of GAS), ...

What do you think about this? did you have the same results/opinion?

Do you know if HORUS/HAPI is capable of doing hw based digital summing for a lot of channels?