Icon Platform M

3rd Party controllers used with Merging products
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Icon Platform M

Postby mjbennett » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:33

Just wondering if anyone has experience with the Icon Platform M series http://iconproaudio.com/product/platform-m/.
It appears to use Mackie HUI or control protocol.
It's not listed on the supported controllers page - https://confluence.merging.com/pages/vi ... d=17203276 - but it's clearly a non-exhaustive list.
Any thoughts/help would be gratefully received.

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Re: Icon Platform M

Postby ckalcov » Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:58

Hi Matt,

Hope you're well. I'm using a Platform M here with no problems - it functions under HUI or Mackie Control.

Word of advice - don't upgrade the firmware! As it's still early days and ICON being the company they are, the new firmware virtually bricks the unit. With the help of Synthax I managed to revert it back to V1.0 which works great.

Still trying to figure out whether to run it in Mackie or HUI to get the automation touch to work, but I haven't had enough time yet to figure it out.


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Re: Icon Platform M

Postby OlleGrane » Sun Oct 07, 2018 20:25

Hi Chris!
I just saw this post, I realize it´s more than a year old.
- Could you elaborate a little more about the Icon Platform M, if you´re still using it?
- And, are you using the D2-panel with it?
- Did you get touch automation to work properly?

I´ve been having issues with my previous controllers (the old Behringer 8 fader, Presonus faderport classic) with the touch automation and sort of gave up on fader controllers for Pyramix.
Can´t remember if I could do any proper automation with any of them at all, really sketchy. But, it´s a few years since I gave it a go.

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