Pure Compressor V3 and PMX v10.0.7

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Pure Compressor V3 and PMX v10.0.7

Postby jcdevine » Thu Oct 06, 2016 15:37

Hey there

Has anyone had any problems with Pure Compressor V3 and Pyramix 10 with regards to automation? The compressor randomly drops its threshold to around -20db and writes new automation across the entire track.

I've always like the pure compressor but add this to the fact that Pyramix doesn't recognize old versions of the plug-in as the same, I'm now having to look elsewhere for a good compressor.


Julian Gough
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Re: Pure Compressor V3 and PMX v10.0.7

Postby Julian Gough » Mon Oct 10, 2016 23:07

I have flux Solera v3 and have what appears to be the same problem. This is how it shows for me.

I set Solera then start automation, everything is fine. Then I decide to change a setting, in my case the threshold, across the entire project. I go to the top and with automation set to write to end I make the adjustment. Everything appears to be fine at first but then I notice that the threshold has dropped to about -20 (or thereabouts). I go back to correct it, then notice that other instances of Solera are also dropping the threshold.

This is normally at the end of the project as I am making the final adjustments and the deadline is looming, so I really don't have time to try and work out what is going on. My solution has been to isolate the plug-in from the automation. I can do that as the settings remain static for the entire project, but I appreciate that is not always the case with some users.

Solera is a great tool, but I can do without these sort of problems.


Ricardo Ryan
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Re: Pure Compressor V3 and PMX v10.0.7

Postby Ricardo Ryan » Wed Oct 26, 2016 00:44


The Flux team recently fixed such a threshold issue in their Solera VS3 and all other plugin. But the problem is that it is only available in the beta version (from and above). I'll try to investigate when they will release the official update.