digesting PC requirements for new Laptop system

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digesting PC requirements for new Laptop system

Postby draudio2u » Fri Jun 24, 2016 00:01

As it turns out, my remote laptop might have died today (still trying to resurrect it with a repair disc but not looking good).
I was running a Dell Precision 4600 with i7 Core Windows 7pro and PMX 9.1.5 The connection was all MadiFace PCIe, which I will have to get an adaptor for if I stay with that unit. I do have a Hapi collecting dust due to it not being compatible with my rack workstation and would like to get rid of it (it is brand new), but now that I might be investing in a new laptop, I might give it another go. (Seems like no one wants a Hapi anymore - poison on ebay).

How is the merging community dealing with laptop configurations in order to build a stable system with a Hapi/Horus? Anyone using the new generation of Dell Precision laptops? I am just so frustrated with merging's "require this, require that…", and wasting so much money on a Hapi, I don't want to make another costly mistake.

Oh, and please don't suggest a Mac - I had years of nightmares with that one in Bootcamp PC mode trying to talk with Pyramix….


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Re: digesting PC requirements for new Laptop system

Postby mpdonahue » Fri Jun 24, 2016 18:30

I'm partial to the Lenovo workstation laptops (I manage 3x w540 here at Soundmirror). If I were looking today, I'd look at the base P50 (not P50s) with the I7-6700. Get the win7Pro downgrade, 32gb ram, and stock hard drive. Then go out and get yourself a 512mb m.2 SSD internal for a boot volume and a regular 1tb SATA SSD for a record volume.
In the other hand, most of the guys at Merging do all the development on Macbooks running bootcamp.....They are very elegant computers. One of the guys here is out doing a 16 track DSD256 recording this week with his Macbook Pro and a USB3>Ethernet adapter.
I've run Horus and Hapi over AsioRavenna on all types of laptops, from my little i3 Dell XPS13 with a USB3>ethernet adapter to a 6 year old HP probook i5 dualcore. The only differences are how big a project can you run.
Finally, There are a lot of Hapi's out in the world that are working with all sorts of computers. I suspect that your issues are in the configuration and not with the CPU/chipset of your workstation. I have not come across a system that I could not make Ravenna work on. Will all of them run 128 channels of 192k?, No. but the vast majority will do anything that is reasonably required of a field recorder. At this point, I couldn't imagine going back to Mykerinos hardware.

As always, YMMV,
All the best,
Mark Donahue
Soundmirror, Inc.
Boston, MA