New Menu Commands: Grow Selection Left or Right

Self-explained! ;-)
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New Menu Commands: Grow Selection Left or Right

Postby fl » Sun Nov 09, 2014 20:48

Sometimes you want to select clips from pairs of tracks for rendering to a format which can be opened in an external program like Izotope RX, which can only handle one or two track media files.

Selecting a single mono Clip is easy enough, even when it's part of a Clip Group - you just CNTR+Click. To expand the selection to two tracks, it's just SHIFT+CNTR+Down Arrow (or Selection menu > Nudge > Grow Selection Down).

However, when you want to include material from more than one clip, to those immediately preceding or following, it becomes more of a tangle. Quickest is to Click to select a whole Clip Group, SHIFT+Click (or SHIFT+NUM LEFT) to add the previous whole Clip Group, then SHIFT+CNTR+ALT+Up Arrow (or down) as many times as is necessary to remove the unwanted mono Clips from the Selection. In some cases it would almost be quicker to Ungroup the Clips in question, then SHIFT+Click the required Individual mono Clips. However, in complex editing projects, and depending on the current Zoom level, some Clips can be too small to fish out of the soup without a lot of zooming and scrolling.

More efficient would be to add "Grow Selection to Left" and "... Right" commands to the Selection > Nudge sub-menu, in such a way that the added material is restricted to the tracks containing the current selection(s). Then you could
CNTR+Click to select a single mono Clip,
"Grow Selection Down" (SHIFT+CNTR+Down Arrow) to expand to the next track,
"Grow Selection Right" to add the two mono Clips that are adjacent to the right. Having these as menu commands would facilitate their inclusion in Macros.
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Re: New Menu Commands: Grow Selection Left or Right

Postby DJS » Mon Nov 10, 2014 23:14

Yes please. A great suggestion. I ungroup, then click individual tracks, and then regroup. A real bore.
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