Project Folder Lock Issue

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Project Folder Lock Issue

Postby ATG » Wed Apr 30, 2014 14:45

Hi Everyone,

We have an issue that we cant seem to resolve regarding releasing a project folder on close and I am hoping that someone knows the setting(s) we might be overlooking. Our environment consists of 2 Pyramix 7 64 bit systems (note we have also tried 32 Bit windows with same results). The workflow we use is:

1) We open a project on Machine A and perform necessary work on it.
2) When we have completed work on Machine A, the project file is closed (we do not exit pyramix but just close the project)
3) We try and open the project on Machine B. When we open it on Machine B, the project opens fine, plays fine and records fine
4) If we try and do anything on Machine A while the project is being manipulated on Machine B, we lose control of Pyramix on Machine A. Once the playback/recording/etc is complete on Machine B, we resume functionality on Machine A.

We have run a number of tests to determine what the issue is, and have found one consistent issue. When Machine A closes the project, it releases all of the files, BUT does not release the folder itself. If we go in and kill the open handle on that folder, we do not experience the issue, but without manually killing the open handle, we experience the issue.

We have tried this against multiple storage devices (2 x NAS and 1 x Windows Server) and they all do the same thing. Below is a screenshot of the open folder handle which we are seeing and have to kill manually to get this to work:


Any thoughts or solutions would be GREATLY appreciated!