Pyramix v8.1 Build 20795 Released

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Pyramix v8.1 Build 20795 Released

Postby Nicolas Cavin » Tue Aug 06, 2013 16:18

The Merging Technologies Development Team is pleased to announce the release of Pyramix v8.1. This new version includes Merging Technologies’ Horus Networked Audio Interface DXD/DSD support, new features, improvements and bug fixes. This new version will be announced to all users in the coming days.

Pyramix has earned a reputation for its quality as the most advanced DAW on the market and want to thank you all for your evaluation as beta-testers.

- Ravenna DXD and DSD playback and record support with Horus
- Background Recording
- Record Pre-Buffering
- Editing while Recording
- Recording Post-Effects
- New Take Logger tool
- New Media Markers
- New Automation Preview mode
- Improved Recording Status windows
- Horus PreAmps support within the Pyramix Mixer
- Secondary audio device host support
- Timestretch algorithm update from MPEX3 to MPEX4
- New Dirac Timestretch option (Key required)
- Algorithmix ReNOVAtor available in Pyramix installer for those who purchased the key (ReNOVAtor Key required)
- SoundMiner/Pyramix integration fixes
- New Tango Beta-ConsoleSoft available for Horus MicPre Remote control (v3.2.2 >)

And many bug fixes,...

Please carefully read the release notes for the installation procedure for all details.

WARNING: Since Pyramix v8.1 Beta2 we include new MassCore version, please follow instruction in the release notes or the installation guide (page 10), links are available below
WARNING: Users currently running in MassCore on a Core2Duo should NOT update to Pyramix v8.1
WARNING: Make sure that you have your new v8 keys before proceeding with the v8.1 Release (v7.1 keys are not valid)
WARNING: Since Pyramix v8.1 Beta2 projects are not compatible with the previous Pyramix 8.1 beta1 and Pyramix 8.0 versions, users must use the adequate Save Special option to open such project in older Pyramix versions

- At Pyramix v8.1 install you might have a “Bonjour” pending requirements, please proceed with this installation and afterwards the Pyramix installer will start. Once Pyramix is installed it is Mandatory that you reboot your system.

- Pyramix v8 and Ravenna/MassCore hardware recommendations:
- Follow the Pyramix v8.1 Installation Guide (mandatory for v8.1 beta1 or older versions that are running MassCore user so refer to page 9):

Installation Troubleshooting:
- Users that need to run Pyramix and VCube on the same system configuration will have to install VCube 4.1.7 along with Pyramix v8.1.7
- The Dolby E (Encode/Decode) comes as a separate installer and is no longer bundled within the Pyramix installer.
Please contact in order to have access to it.

- Since Pyramix 8.1 beta2 and versions above the projects are NOT compatible with the Pyramix v8.0 and v8.1beta1 releases. In order to open such projects in an older Pyramix version please make sure that you perform the proper Save Special, a new “Save as Version 8.0” entry was added.

MT USB Sync:
Users experiencing a MT USB Sync slowdown at start up should be reverting to the previous USB Sync driver v 1.0.15

Horus users need to install the latest firmware v1.1.7 build 20795 and above. Which has the DXD and DSD support and Mic PreAmps support for Pyramix
- Horus Firmware v20795:
- Horus release notes v20795:
- Horus User Manual Rev16:

Ravenna Driver for ASIO:
The Ravenna Driver will allow the running of Ravenna in ASIO (PC Windows) with your Merging Technologies Horus converter. Users installing the Ravenna ASIO driver must remove their previous installed version under the Windows Programs (if ever you had a pre-beta version installed).
Merging plans to eventually release a Core Audio driver for Mac users. Documentation and links below.


- Pyramix 8.1.7 is downloadable for registered users at:
- Pyramix v8.1.7 Release Notes:
- Pyramix v8.1 Installation Guide:
- Pyramix v8.1 User Manual:
- Merging Ravenna Easy Connect Guide:
- MTDiscovery User Guide (for Horus users):
- Pyramix v8 – Horus – Ravenna Troubleshooting Guide:

- AMR v8.1.7 Release (32bit OS supported only):
- Ravenna ASIO and Core Audio Drivers documentation
- Ravenna ASIO Driver (For Windows 32bit PC users):
- Ravenna ASIO Driver (For Windows 64bit PC users):
- Ravenna Core Audio Driver (For MAC users):
To be Beta in a near future (Alpha version available on demand)

Best Regards,

The Merging Team