Pyramix V6 SP3 Released

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Pyramix V6 SP3 Released

Postby Nicolas Cavin » Wed Apr 15, 2009 15:15

The Merging Technologies Development Team is proud to announce the Release version of Pyramix Virtual Studio 6.0.17 Service Pack 3.

This Pyramix 6.0.17 SP3 version includes some additional fixes to the previously available Pyramix 6.0.16 SP2 version, please carefully read the release notes. At installation a clean install or upgrade can be performed.

SP3 Important Fixes:
- MT2446: Fixed. External Insert plug-in Crash.
- MT2455: Fixed. Improves the DMA bandwidth on some motherboard (MassCore only)
- MT2456: Fixed. The processing order of VST and VS3 plug-ins on Mix Buses for MassCore and Native platforms.
- MT2364: Fixed. Punch in at wrong timestamp when slaving to Timecode
- MT2647: Fixed. MassCore 48 Base key wrongly limited (direct outs limited to 47)
- MT2435: Fixed. Number of DirectOut limited to 127 with MassCore128
- MT2332: Fixed. External Insert VS3 Plug-in does not work properly on Native platform
- MT2387: Fixed. Striptools sometimes causes deadlock
- MT2673: Fixed. Dubbing Record Clip misplaced
- MT2720: Fixed. Chasing Machine sometimes doesn't goto to the correct location
- MT2320: Fixed. Reconform relink to new media broken.

Virtual Transport users should keep using the VT 1.3.13 version.

Please note that Pyramix 6.0 SP3 with MassCore is currently not yet supported under Windows Vista SP1, since the MassCore installer is not compatible with those updates. The Pyramix Compatibility and Upgrade Information is available here:

The Merging Team