Mixer Strips' Direct Outs connecting to the Internal Buses

Self-explained! ;-)
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Mixer Strips' Direct Outs connecting to the Internal Buses

Postby fl » Fri Aug 23, 2013 23:34

In some instances, it would be useful to be able to assign the direct outputs of any mixer Strip, to the Internal Bus network. I realize that this could have implications with Latency Compensation, particularly when the Direct Out of one Strip is routed to the Input of another.

Of even more use would be the ability to have more than one Strip's Direct Outs able to be assigned to the same Internal Bus(es), in much the same way that more than one Track can be assigned to the same mixer Strip. This came up during a discussion of an extended MS technique where the outputs of two microphones are summed to create a unique polar pickup pattern, which is then to be used as the M component in an MS matrix. Doing this right now requires a fairly complex set-up involving a Sub-Group and tedious tweaking of levels in the Send Control's pop-up menu.
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Re: Mixer Strips' Direct Outs connecting to the Internal Bus

Postby p4tw » Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:09

That would be great, big improvement.