Gates should stick to end of current edit.

Self-explained! ;-)
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Gates should stick to end of current edit.

Postby fl » Tue Feb 05, 2013 20:27

This is more of an annoyance than anything, but there are times when Source-Destination editing, where the refining of the crossfade in the Fade Editor results in things being shifted to the left, because either the Out or the In needed to be repositioned, resulting in their clips being shortened to some degree. Coming out of the Fade Editor to get on with the next edit, you have to stop, because the black In Gate - previously located at the end of the most recently inserted clip - is now hanging out there in the void, at some point to the right of the end of the now, properly positioned clip.

Pyramix does everything else with the S-D Editing so smoothly, this seems like it should be part of the process. Shouldn't the black In Gate stay glued to the end of the newly added clip? Shouldn't all bets be off as to absolute Gate positioning until you've emerged from the Crossfade Editor? Or shouldn't closing the Crossfade Editor force the In Gate to relocate to the end of the selected track?

Yes, you can make a macro to take care of this, but it seems like an unnecessary step to have to do this every time you make an edit.

Snap mode doesn't fix it. Auto Ripple doesn't fix it. The only solution seems to be manually repositioning the Gate every time. Annoying.
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Re: Gates should stick to end of current edit.

Postby Xilebo » Fri Mar 22, 2013 14:48

I always work with a macro when using Source Destination; There are more advantages then avoiding the problem you described.
For instance you don't have to choose "selection" in your trackgroup window.
So you're able to make selections in your tracks c.q. clips during S-D editing.