Use alternate file

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Use alternate file

Postby Perfect Record » Wed Aug 01, 2012 19:38

There are many times where we run files (usually mixes) through external processors. These might be dither, EQ, de-noising, SFC apps etc.

For accuracy sake, it is best to modify the original file name so that later you can identify the proper sound file. For instance, you might modify a mix file from Movement II, to Movement II 16bit dithered.

Because of problems where Pyramix will sometimes grab the original unprocessed file, especially when using BWAV, it would be ideal to allow the user to identify and select the replacement file to be used.

There are many cases when mastering where it would make sense to use BWAV files and simply place them in the project at the proper position via their timestamp, but this has been problematic when Pyramix defaults to using the metadata in the original file, and inserts that file into the project.

It's very time consuming to have to re make a master when you've discovered that Pyramix has inserted the original file instead of the processed file.
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