CD Marker Placement and CD Frame Boundaries

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CD Marker Placement and CD Frame Boundaries

Postby fl » Mon Apr 02, 2012 22:04

Currently, when you use the manual or the automatic function to place CD markers in a project (CD Mark Groups), it places the CD markers on the nearest CD Frame boundary, rounding the frame address up or down depending on whether the cursor or clip boundary is closer to the beginning or the end of the CD frame. This can result in the inadvertent placement of markers inside a clip, which can cause problems later if CD Tracks are moved in the CD/SACD tab/window. Because the mark is just "inside" the clip, re-ordering the CD track sequence can result in a small, sub-CD-frame sized clips being left behind, which, due to their small size, are extremely hard to see unless the view is really zoomed in. These small "slivers" of audio can cause all sorts of problems, such as preventing the sliding of other clips, preventing the adjustments of fades, etc., in addition to introducing unwanted pops or clicks into the sequenced CD.

I feel that a better idea would be to have both the automatic and manual CD marker placement functions modified so that all CD Start IDs get placed to the nearest earlier CD Frame boundary, and all Stop IDs get placed to the nearest following CD frame boundary. Couldn't this simply be a matter of applying something like a CD Frame Absolute Value (or, in the case of Stop IDs, Absolute Value + 1) function to the CD marker placement routines?

It occurred to me that applying an Offset value might help, but Offsets are only applied at the time a PMI is created - after the period when a user could get into difficulty with clip "slivers". I think it would be best if my suggestion were applied in addition, but unrelated to the current Offset functions.
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Re: CD Marker Placement and CD Frame Boundaries

Postby Graemme » Wed Apr 11, 2012 08:22

fl wrote:It occurred to me that applying an Offset value might help, but Offsets are only applied at the time a PMI is created

Not really...

For the purposes of editing, the visual offsets are applied as soon as you enable both the offsets and the 'show offsets' features in the CD window. Try doing that before re-arranging CD-tracks. Hint: turn off the 'automatic offset' feature in the settings window (Applications/CD-SACD) and then the whole process is better behaved. There are a few bugs (quasi-random undo/redo, etc.) in this window; that's why I suggest doing all of this work in the timeline...

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