System 5MC, please enable assignable knob

Self-explained! ;-)
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System 5MC, please enable assignable knob

Postby klaukholm » Mon Oct 31, 2011 18:56

Merging, can you please enable the assignable knob on the euphonix MC PRO.
If Nuendo can do it, surely you can as well?

It would also be nice to have the "faders" in the fade editor be assignable as either faders or to the knobs of the controlsurface.

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Re: System 5MC, please enable assignable knob

Postby Filmsat59 » Mon Jan 30, 2012 16:26

also which side of the fence do these lie on:
Gain reduction display
Unity/reset parameters (fader reset - works fine on the Artist Mix and Control!)

all things that work via Oasis on the Tango, but not on the much more expensive 5mc!

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