Album Publishing formats

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Album Publishing formats

Postby NClark » Sun Jun 05, 2011 14:34

I really like the Album publishing feature in V7. Is it possible to add MP3 or other codecs to the list. (I currently only see wave, aiff and flac). As all of our album publishing requirements these days involve MP3, we are using a 3rd party software to do all of the tagging requierments ( including ISRC), is it possible to have this feature included in PMX, as the info is already entered into the CDPQ editor area. I also noticed that the MP3 tag editor included with PMX still does not provide for ISRC entry.

I have recently upgraded my PMX Systems with new hardware(motherboards and CPU, PSU and drives) and the step up to Masscore and V7 software.
It's brilliant, I should have done it earlier. :D it wasnt as hard as I thought it might be.
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Re: Album Publishing formats

Postby Graemme » Mon Jun 06, 2011 05:34

AAC is on it's way. So far, Merging have not been persuaded to include MP3 support. I agree with you that the Mp3 tag editor needs to support ISRC entry.

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Re: Album Publishing formats

Postby avi » Thu Jun 09, 2011 08:39

+1 (again) for full MP3 support.
Regardless of what one might think of the format, it's a very useful tool, and one which we are expected to use daily, be it for preparing downloads for sale or for quickly emailing / uploading edit versions for checking etc.. It's a real drag having to export either WAV files to an external encoder (if you run an earlier version of PMX and don't like the encoding so much) or export the rendered mp3 files into another application for tagging etc.. I still find it difficult to comprehend why MP3, a widely used format all over the world for some time now, hasn't made it into PMX in a much more integrated and stable form...
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