DSDInfo windows plugin and setting DFF file association

Self-explained! ;-)
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DSDInfo windows plugin and setting DFF file association

Postby grahamr » Mon Feb 21, 2011 19:37

The DSDInfo windows explorer plugin as part of Pyramix is a wonderful little thing to facilitate working with DSD files in windows explorer. I love the 'DSD / DST info ' tab in properties window when you right-click on a DSD or DST file.

However, I've now set DSD files to open with KORG Audiogate and it overrides the plugin - no more nice DSD or DST differentiating icon, and no 'DSD / DST info' tab in properties menu.

I have to 'unassociate' .DFF file extension with some tool like this, to bring the plugin back. (but then you can't easily click on the files to preview them with something like Audiogate).

Is there a workaround to have both, or something to suggest for v8 maybe? (I don't know how the icon differentiator could work in tandem with DFF being associated with other programs, since the plugin needs to have control over every DFF file to detect whether DSD or DST, but maybe it's possible...at least keeping the info tab always there I'm sure is very straightforward).

And secondly, how about having 'DSD EM' and 'DST EM' detection and associated file icons, as an extension of the plugin too :).

Thanks. If this should be moved to suggestions forum please do so.