Suggestion : Bus Tools/ Strip Tools GUI enhancement

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Suggestion : Bus Tools/ Strip Tools GUI enhancement

Postby Filmsat59 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 14:25

Suggestion to bring the Strip tools and Bus Tools GUI into line with most Plugin windows for re-sizing, save and load, and allow "anchor in view" of particular strip.
probably something to consider in the upcoming mixer redesigns

resizing : the easiest and normal way to resize and change the number plugins visible is to drag the corner. the Max bus display option is not intuitive.

Save and Load: too many menus to step through and difficult to find for new users. "save" and "load" boxes (AKA waves) would be easier

Anchor in view: Sessions may contain many instances of strip tools/bus tools, but the user will probably want to keep a constant eye on particular strips. an "anchor" button (functioning in a similar way to the always display option for timeline tracks) that stops the plugin scrolling out of view would enable this. several plugins could be anchored. combined with easy resizing this would enable very flexible displaying of desired plugins. All should be remembered at project opening


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