Aux and SubGroup Sends labeling

Self-explained! ;-)
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Aux and SubGroup Sends labeling

Postby fl » Mon Aug 30, 2010 20:57

It's a small thing, but it always catches me.

The Pre-Fade/Post-Fade button just underneath the send level knob is labeled "PF". In English, this could stand for either "Pre-Fade" or "Post-Fade" - confusing.

For Version 7, could the English version could have the slight revision to label this button something like "PR" for "Pre" fade? Is there space for a third letter? "PRE"?

(Is it Off when it's On? Or is it On when it's On? Or On when it's Off? Is it On, or Off, when it's On?)
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Re: Aux and SubGroup Sends labeling

Postby tomas » Mon Aug 30, 2010 23:35

On real life mixing consoles PF has always meant Pre-Fader since the default is Post-Fader. Just as the
PFL button activates Pre-Fade Listen.
So it's a bit old-school, and you're right it could be a bit confusing.

All the best /Tomas

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Re: Aux and SubGroup Sends labeling

Postby phaseboy » Tue Aug 31, 2010 08:22

I don't see how PF is really that confusing - I'd be more confused seeing "PR" and thinking PR?!?!? wth is PR... Similar logic is I"m sure what gave us consoles with ON buttons instead of MUTE buttons...

In all seriousness though. While I can see how this might be confusing for some I don't think coming up with a new abbreviation will help. It might help you, but it will cause confusion among others. Not to mention the other places PF is used in the mixer to designate Pre-Fader metering. I don't think I have ever seen PF refer to post fade. Think "AFL".

Mark S. Willsher

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Re: Aux and SubGroup Sends labeling

Postby J.Wajer » Tue Aug 31, 2010 09:21

On all my templates I have PF underneath the channels switched to "On", allowing me to see the level indicator, even though I dropped the fader. "PR" means PreRead on a Digibeta, so that would be more confusing, I guess.
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Re: Aux and SubGroup Sends labeling

Postby Graemme » Wed Sep 01, 2010 09:49

As Mark suggested, PFL = Pre-Fader Listen and AFL = After Fader Listen. This has been a standard for a million years or so and should not change. 'PF' is close enough to 'PFL' for me.

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