OnAir signal to external hardware

Self-explained! ;-)
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OnAir signal to external hardware

Postby Pyromanic » Thu Jun 24, 2010 13:49

Hi guys,
I was wondering what the graphic window "on air" is good for? Maybe for a customer sitting right beside you watching the screen?
If needed, then an option for an external routing would be nice to be able to make a real bulb glow in the rec-room. I thought of the following possibilities:
- TTL signal out on a serial connector
- some kind of signal to USB...but then a little peace of hardware has to be build
- Midi routable, then we could use a midi-switch
- if someone still has it -> parallel port, which is perfect cause we can directly connect a switching FET or something

Any ideas? Do we need a on air bulb ?
best regards


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Re: OnAir signal to external hardware

Postby tim » Sun Jun 27, 2010 20:34


This isn't about extracting the OnAir signal, but if you're just trying to trigger a light on & off in the studio -- we use a little relay (ST-ACR1 from Radio Labs) to trigger the light whenever Pyramix is in Record mode (also triggers when in Playback...but the musicians aren't paying attention out there during playbacks).

You can render out 8 hrs or so of tone and put it into a separate track group, then route that track to the console and send it out to the studio like a cue send. You can even order a power supply from Radio Labs which will power both the relay and the light.


A bit more complex than what you're wishing for...

Tim Martyn
Tim Martyn
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Perfect Record
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Re: OnAir signal to external hardware

Postby Perfect Record » Fri Jul 09, 2010 20:27

Glad somebody brought this up. I've always been envious of the fact that Pro Tools apparently has the record light thing covered. Need to go back to the manual, but vaguely recall some GPI triggers in PMX, but don't recall a way to link them to record.

Tim, many points for being ingenious, but just a bit quirkier than I want to deal with on location.

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Re: OnAir signal to external hardware

Postby Graemme » Sat Jul 10, 2010 13:37

There are the SeaLevel boxes that Pyramix will talk to via GPIO...easy enough to hook up a lamp/light/siren/concussion grenade as the outputs of the box are small relays (that can control a larger relay, etc.)


Other methods:


or this:


MIDI and MIDI over USB, respectively.

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