Aux send on Master Group

Self-explained! ;-)
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Davide Bertolini
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Aux send on Master Group

Postby Davide Bertolini » Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:52


Mixing a jazz record and I just realized there are no aux sends on master groups. Possible to implement?

Example: I have upright mic and upright DI mixed into a master group. Using an external insert I'm compressing the bass master group with a Distressor. I need to add a touch of room reverb from a Bricasti M7 I have on an insert on an aux group. Looks like the only way is to send to the M7 from the unmixed bass mic and bass DI channels separately. But by doing so when the Distressor kicks in heavily on some loud parts (clacking especially), I'm still sending an uncompressed (LOUD) signal to the M7. A cool effect, of course, but not chosen on purpose, rather dictated by the fact that I can't send to the M7 from the mixed and compressed bass mix group.
An alternative would be of course to insert the M7 on the mix group, but that ties it to the bass, and I want to use a bit of the same room on other instruments, with different send levels.
Other alternative would be to insert another compressor on the aux group before the M7. Not an ideal solution either for two reasons: I'll have other instruments going through the same aux group, and it's double the work for no reason.
Possibly, I could have the M7 on another mix group and send to it via the routing matrix? I haven't tried this yet. A bit of a convoluted solution...

Any other suggestions on how to achieve what I need?
If not, I very much hope to see this new feature in a later release. As I see it, this is an essential feature for proper mixing.
Quite curious about the reason why there are no sends on the master groups, actually. I guess it's not by accident.
For the time being, I'll pretend that the extra reverb on loud parts is an artistic call ;)



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Re: Aux send on Master Group

Postby fl » Mon Dec 17, 2018 20:58

Yes, Mix Busses don't have Aux. Sends, but Aux. Groups do.

Instead of using a Mix Bus to combine your Bass mic and DI, use an Aux. Group and insert the External Insert plug-in (VS3 - you'll find it in the "Other" category). This will allow you to send the combined signal, mixed as you choose, to your Distressor, and back again, where it then will feed the Project's main Mix Bus.

Add a second Aux. Group for your Bricasti reverb, either as a VST plug-in or another instance of the External Insert plug-in if it's a hardware unit, and you'll be able to use Aux. Sends from the Distressor Group, AND also from all the other Strips in the Mixer, should that be suitable.

Be sure to use Aux. Groups, not Aux. Sends - only the Groups can output to a Mix Bus.
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