Extraneous waveforms

Self-explained! ;-)
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Extraneous waveforms

Postby charlienyc » Tue May 01, 2018 18:31

Can we please have the waveform settings in the mixdown box take effect correctly please? When I select 'none', waveforms are still produced, leaving me with the extra steps of finding & deleting PK2 files for deliverables.
I'd hoped this was isolated to v10. However working on a Native v11 system, waveforms are still generated no matter what.
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Re: Extraneous waveforms

Postby Goldie » Sun Sep 02, 2018 09:58

I think that has been fixed in the latest version. Does that still happen to you?

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Re: Extraneous waveforms

Postby fl » Fri Sep 21, 2018 21:31

In the Mixdown window, the "Waveform" button only controls whether or not the Waveform display data is generated while the recording is being made, or after it's completed. It does not determine whether or not PK2 files get created altogether.

I believe that the only way to generate mixes without simultaneously generating PK2 files, or indeed the ubiquitous "__QuickMount7" files, is to do so through the Album Publishing process, and even there, if you should happen to Mount the folder containing any of the mixes, Pyramix will automatically generate the QuickMount7 file, and if you should click on any file and listen to it in the Media Manager's Trimmer, then a PK2 file will be generated for that file as well.

Perhaps the only way to control these pesky files is to use some third-party program that would search for them and delete them (once you've quit Pyramix) - the trick there being to limit them only to the folders you desire, as opposed to doing it for all folders everywhere. You might be able to configure something like CCleaner to do this for you, but I've never tried, as I believe it would be more work than simply going to my Mixdown folder, organizing the view by File Type and then selecting and deleting all the offending files.
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