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Three Background Recorder related requests

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 18:21
by fl
In the main Pyramix window, the Transport Control selector refers to the main Pyramix project as "Internal", whereas the selector in the Take Logger has "Active Project". Some consistency would be nice...

Also, it appears that the only way to call up the Background Recorder's Mixer, is to first open the Transport window, and then click on the Icon found there. It would be a whole lot easier if this could be made visible through other means - like, say, a button for the Toolbars, or maybe even a button in the Take Logger. Best of all would be some way to create a plugin-less copy of the main project's mixer, without having to go through all the ringaround of exporting the one mixer's state and then importing it to the other, followed by additional tweaking to remove all the unnecessary plugins and busses. Just a one shot "Import Project Mixer configuration" button somewhere in the Background Recorder's Settings page or in the Take Logger, would certainly streamline and simplify this feature.

Finally, while I can see the logic of having some Background Recorder settings stored Globally, there are some things, like Mixer configuration and even the Background file storage destination, which could easily need to be changed on a Project by Project basis.