Pyramix mixer: plugins per send to SubGroup/Aux

Self-explained! ;-)
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Pyramix mixer: plugins per send to SubGroup/Aux

Postby SoundKlang » Thu Oct 01, 2015 09:06

Please imagine having a mix with various mixer strips sending their signal to a reverb effect. Everything is fine but the snare, which should have a huge amount of reverb added to it. The sound of the snare itself is just right, but it is too bright for the reverb. The reverb tail of the snare, and only that, is too obvious and sounds artificial. A very intuitive solution would be, to alter the signal send from the snare mixer strip to the reverb by EQing it and maybe add some peak reduction.

Since there is no more space in the mixer strips, my first idea would be to add an indicator "led" to the send faders:

The "led" is off when the send signal is not processed any further, but directly summed to the SubGroup/Aux.

The "led" is on when the signal coming from the mixer strip's send is processed by any number of VS3 effects (and if possible VST plugins).
In this case only the result of the processing by the effect/s is summed to the SubGroup/Aux.

Clicking on the "led" opens a small dialog window. The dialog window shows a limited (or limitless) number of insert effect slots.
Each insert effect slot offers the possibility to un-/load a plugin and ideally to de-/activate and to un-/bypass the plugin.