Pyramix mixer with one tab folder per track group

Self-explained! ;-)
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Pyramix mixer with one tab folder per track group

Postby SoundKlang » Wed Sep 09, 2015 21:45

Still using Pyramix 8, which works great for me, but I do not know if later versions of Pyramix already have a feature comparable to the following:

When working with a larger number of tracks, it is useful to organize them in track groups. But while in the track window a whole track group can be expanded/collapsed, in the Pyramix mixer window to my knowledge single mixer strips need to be expanded/collapsed.

Just an idea: What if the tracks in the mixer window would be automatically grouped according to the track group they belong to? When working with the mixer window, probably in most cases one would want to alter settings of a certain instrument (e.g. drumset, multiple guitar tracks etc.). For convenience the Pyramix mixer window could offer an additional display mode which displays the mixer strips of each track group in a tab folder - one tab folder per track group:

a) clicking on a tab folder expands/collapses the tab folder - which could mean that the whole tab folder just occupies the space of a single mixer strip when collapsed, or that each mixer strip in the tab folder is expanded/collapsed.

b) same as additional mode a) but invoked with a modifier key (for example shift-click) or different mouse click (right-click, both click, ...) - result: when a tab folder is expanded, all other tab folders are collapsed.

Just an idea, a convenient option for users with too many mixer strips on too small displays.