Ravenna client for Linux (pulseaudio or jack)

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Ravenna client for Linux (pulseaudio or jack)

Postby antoszka » Sun Aug 16, 2015 21:11

This is a question/suggestion -- since a native Linux Ravenna implementation already exists in the form of the HAPI/HORUS firmware, would it be very hard to create a desktop client that speaks to pulseaudio and/or jack(d)? I can think of many scenarios, where such a thing would be very welcome, a of lot electronically composed and performed music (especially in the fields of live electronics, algorithmic composition and related research) is done on Linux.

Being able to directly connect a Linux system to a Ravenna router/network would be tremendously empowering and allow penetration of the technology into new areas.
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Re: Ravenna client for Linux (pulseaudio or jack)

Postby dewilcl » Sat Jan 28, 2017 19:14

Is there something new about this good idea?
I heard somewhere that merging developped an ALSA/AES67 VSC.
Is it true?
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