Album Publishing tags

Self-explained! ;-)
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Daniel Keinath
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Album Publishing tags

Postby Daniel Keinath » Tue Mar 24, 2015 14:38


Album publishing is a very handy tool. But I am surprised that the tag <TrackTitle> refers to CD text rather than using the regular CD Track name.
I often place CD markers just in order to create mp3 files via Album publishing (and no CD). So I would like to use the Track name box to enter the file names I want to use.
After the publishing process the file names are blank unless I have entered text into the CD text box before. This is quite annoying since things could be much more comfortable with a new tag called <TrackName>.
Some other tags wold be good to have, too (e.g. Disc Name)

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Re: Album Publishing tags

Postby fl » Tue Mar 24, 2015 15:35

    1. Enter all the General information pertaining to the whole Disc in the lower left area of the CD/SACD Tab: Disc Title, Performer, Composer, etc. Note that these fields are not the "Disc Title", "Label" and "Date" at the top of the list, but the "CD-Text" ones further down, which include Genre, Title (the full Disc's title), Performer, Song Writer, Composer and Arranger.

    2. Select all the Tracks, the go to the Tab's CD-Text menu > Set All Track CD-Text from Disc Info.
    Alternatively, you could use any of the other Copy commands to selectively apply the Disc's General Performer, Song Writer, Composer and/or Arranger information to each selected Track.

    3. If you need to, use the Track Name fields to modify the names of the Clips you used, changing them to the file names you want the Published files to have.

    4. Go to the Tab's Markers menu > Validate name (This action will remove any "*"s lingering from the initial Clip insertion into the list).

    5. Select all the Tracks, then go to the Tab's CD-Text menu > Set Track Title from Track Name.
    This last operation will insure that your published files will have the proper file names (provided that you have set up the proper file naming placeholders in the Publishing "Settings" of the "Generate CD/SACD" operation's window).

Seeing all this written out it looks like a lot of bother but in truth, once you're familiar you can get through all of it in a matter of seconds. If you like, once you've created your Published files, you can check the meta-data in an editor like MP3Tag.
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Re: Album Publishing tags

Postby Graemme » Wed Mar 25, 2015 01:55

Well, that's a great answer to some other question...

I agree that we do need some separate fields for the "Album Publishing" feature. Currently the metadata for this feature is only derived from the CD-text and CD-track info. Many people want to use the EDL info instead but it will need some definition first:

Do you want to use the clip name or the media/file name for the <TrackName> field? What if you've grouped several clips together to make a 'Track'?

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