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Any news on Mojave-compatible Ravenna Driver?

Postby johnbeetlebailey » Fri Aug 02, 2019 22:33

I'm actually running Mojave on my mobile rig (Retina MacBook Pro / Sonnet EchoExpress PCI Chassis / HDX / HORUS) and it's working fine. The reason the Ravenna driver works is because the OS was an 'update' as opposed to a clean install, so the Mojave OS accepted the Ravenna VAD kernel extension without the signing business sorted out for Mojave... However, I'm building a clean Mojave partition for the Studio system (MacPro 5,1) and it won't allow the Ravenna driver past the developer signing state in System Prefs / Security.

Since I'm only using the Ravenna driver for the MIDI Mic Preamp control in ProTools, I'm not actually depending on any audio going through the driver (I'm connecting HORUS via PT64 card to HDX card).

I do, however use Ravenna for my Mix system, and I'm checking back on the Merging support page almost daily to see if it's approved for Mojave... Any word on how close we are to having a working build?

Cheers, eh?

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Re: Any news on Mojave-compatible Ravenna Driver?

Postby geddy75 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 15:42

Turn off Rootless on Mojave will accept Ravenna driver.

Please check this link. ... s-3638975/
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