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HAPI firmware bug?

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 03:46
by jkurtz11
Since I updated to the most recent firmware in my HAPI I have run into a problem with the word clock output. When operating at 2x or 4x sample rates, the output sample rate on the word clock output always defaults to 44.1/48, even though it is set to "follow sample rate". I need to toggle the setting to "44.1/48" and back to "follow sample rate" to get it to output the correct sample rate. I thought this might be a problem just with my setup which has the HAPI WC out feeding a Metric Halo ULN-8, but I have found that the same thing happens at the studio at the university which has a HAPI feeding a LYNX Aurora-8. At least there is a work around but it is an annoyance that wasn't a problem before this last firmware update. Has anyone else noticed this?