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OSX High Sierra drivers, any news?

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 07:13
by ljudatervinning

Any VAD drivers for OSX High Sierra in the pipeline?

Re: OSX High Sierra drivers, any news?

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 18:42
by johnbeetlebailey
I just popped over to the Docs and Downloads area, and it now says the current AES67/Ravenna Core Audio driver is now working on High Sierra!

I've downloaded, and installed, but still running Sierra on my main rig. I'm going to make a disk image of my current system, and do the HS upgrade in the next few days, so I'll report back with my success (or failure) here!

I'm running ProTools Ulitimate 2017.7 on a MacPro 5,1 machine with Dual 6-core 3.33GHz XEONs and 48GB ECC RAM.

As much as I hate Avid, and I am certainly NOT a ProTools apologist, it's the world I have to live in... I'm hoping to one day make the jump over to Pyramix, but for now, this is unfortunately my reality.

Right now, the new AES67/Ravenna Core Audio driver and current ANEMAN are working perfectly, so here goes...

I'm DEFINITELY NOT stepping into the new Apple File System though - staying on HFS Extended, Journalled for now.