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Ravenna/MADI network routing

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 18:37
by 0VU

Apologies if this is something simple and I've just missed the obvious but is it possible to route audio from Hapi/Horus inputs via a Ravenna network to the MADI outputs of one or more Horuses in the network? (If possible, using EasyConnect (without fiddling about in the advanced mode stuff) or is this a job for Aneman?)

I've no trouble internally routing the Horus's various physical inputs/outputs between combinations of MADI and Ravenna but, if possible, I'd like to route audio between Ravenna and MADI. More particularly from other Hapi/Horus units on the Ravenna network to the Horus's MADI out and I haven't found an obvious way to do that either in the Horus's routing or in EasyConnect.

Thank you.

Re: Ravenna/MADI network routing

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 03:17
by Masato.Y

I regularly use the routing audio from one horus to another horus and it's MADI outputs.
The MADI outputs have audio sources from both Horuses and it warks well.
But to set up this routing you have to use annoyng afvanced mode or buggy Aneman.