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Clicks and Distortion with Hapi

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 19:26
by babmusician
I hear clicks and distortions with my Hackintosh (Yosemite)
but with the same settings everything sounds okay with my
macbook (El Capitan).

I thought maybe the on-board network connection is the problem
and installed a PCI-e Ethernet that works natively on Mac (i checked it with internet, and it works)
, but the problem is still there!
And ...
- I installed the newest version of everything
- in the i/o & sync page the status is locked and green
- changing the buffer size did not help
- the CPU indicator is not red (my hackintosh is much more powerful than the retina15 macbook)
- network connection: 1000 baseT full duplex
- the last firmware in installed

Does anybody have any idea?

Re: Clicks and Distortion with Hapi

Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2017 22:20
by babmusician
okay it was a problem with a driver (kext).

this helped me (I have an intel chip): ... board-lan/

this page may also help people who have a similar problem: ... ns.164990/