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New hapi /Horus inputs and a-d card anyone ?

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 22:44
by DCLR-Records
Sound ?

Re: New hapi /Horus inputs and a-d card anyone ?

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 16:09
by DCLR-Records
First impression :
New preamp & adc board installed in our Hapi.
Choir (35) & soloists (3) with organ recorded in a church.
Our Neumann m150's couple overall.
Schoeps x2 in front of the soloists.
4xkm184's in front of the choir.
Usual basic setup 8 tracks x 192 kHz.
Although no A/B comparison possible (old & new board), main impression is, it's just even more (if that is possible) analog and fluid than before. Also, the singers / musicians seem closer to the mikes than before ( nothing was less than 1.5 meter close) but this is perhaps related to the acoustics at the particular place. Reverb and overall ambience even more defined than before. Sense of more "fullness".
Anyway, I consider the new board as another great step forward, definitely worth the investment. :D