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Adding Dangerous Convert-2 DAC to Hapi

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 03:28
by mmarra

The mastering studio I work at has a Hapi as main DA/AD & DAC but I would like to add a Dangerous Convert-2 to print/record into our analog outboard gear and into the Hapi's AD instead of using the Hapi's DA. How do I do this?

I would like still monitor the Convert-2 / Analog outbound / Hapi AD through the Hapi's this possible?

We have Magix Sequoia as our DAW.

Thank you,

Re: Adding Dangerous Convert-2 DAC to Hapi

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 16:07
by ljudatervinning
If I understand what you want to do, it is possible.

Send audio from DAW via Hapi AES/EBU or Toslink, to Dangerous convert 2 digital in.
Analog out from Dangerous convert 2 to outboard processors/signal chain.
Outboard processors/signal chain to Hapi Analog in.

Hapi analog in to DAW.
Hapi analog in via Hapi analog out to monitor.