Horus+ravenna and Magix Vegas ?

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Mike Rosoft
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Horus+ravenna and Magix Vegas ?

Postby Mike Rosoft » Thu Aug 15, 2019 08:43

we have several Horus machines at work. Everything is fine, but it would be great to run them via ravenna and using Magix Vegas (formerly Sony Vegas) as DAW. The Vegas versions we have and tried with no success are 9 and 16.
For now it doesn't work, ravenna easy connect cant make the necessary connections (they appears as partial connections or it can't connect at all) or even crashes at the Vegas launch. Very sporadically it works but only for once :D , i mean after closing Vegas and starting it again no connections are active and easy connect crashes....
The computers are all Windows 10 64 bit, with no firewalls and at the moment the horus machines are connected directly to their network cards, without any network switches. Otherwise this combination of hardware works without any problems with ProTools....

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Re: Horus+ravenna and Magix Vegas ?

Postby ljudatervinning » Thu Aug 15, 2019 19:32

Long time since I used Vegas, but could it be that Vegas releases the audio driver in when the application is in the background?
Can you set to "never release" or similar?
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Mike Rosoft
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Re: Horus+ravenna and Magix Vegas ?

Postby Mike Rosoft » Tue Sep 10, 2019 13:47

Sorry for the late response...

Tried again yesterday. All test were with disabled option "close audio ports when not active window".

Vegas 9 crashes at launch with the latest version of ravenna driver installed. It says the exact error is in the asio driver of course. But never mind, it's too old anyway.
Vegas 16 launches successfully and recognizes the ravenna asio driver with all of it's channels and even locks to the samplerate correctly. But if i try to make connection in ravenna easy connect it says " unable to add the stream" and crashes afterwards :(
Any ideas ?

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Re: Horus+ravenna and Magix Vegas ?

Postby Bertram » Wed Sep 11, 2019 16:34

Same happens to me with Vegas 15. Trying to connect with Aneman it does not crash but also it does allow to make conection.