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Cool commands I just noticed

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 22:03
by Perfect Record
This is a thread to talk about those cool commands you just noticed in Pyramix.

We all have our habits and methods we use every day. Then all the sudden you realize there's a feature you've missed. Share it here, and how you use it. For the good of all Pyramix kind!

Re: Cool commands I just noticed

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 22:12
by Perfect Record
Move selected marker to cursor. Control + Enter

I often record the same concert programs on two different dates. It's a lot faster to just replace the audio into the project for the first concert. For years I've been dragging the markers from the first concert to the correct spot on the second concert, since timings are usually quite close.

Just checked and there is a command to move the selected marker to the cursor. This speeds up the process considerably since I can drop the cursor at the start of an event in the concert, then move the marker without a lot of zooming and moving around.

Re: Cool commands I just noticed

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 01:42
by fl
Perfect Record wrote:Move selected marker to cursor. Control + Enter

Macros are a wonderful thing. I've built a couple to overcome some of the annoying things that can happen, such as when you've done a Source-Destination edit, so that now the left black bracket is placed at the end of the Destination assembly, but you now go into the crossfade and wind up with the "In" clip being shifted to the left - leaving the black bracket hanging out there in space instead of nuzzled up next to the end of the clip. With my macro, with one keystroke I jump the cursor to the end, and reposition the black bracket to where it should be.

Another one is for concert recordings, where I might be late placing the markers at the beginnings of pieces or movements (my mongoose-like reaction times being what they are). As long as I'm reasonably close, I can jump the cursor to a marker, reposition it (the cursor) manually to the actual start of the music, then hit my Macro keystroke, which nudges the cursor back my preferred pre-roll amount, moves the (selected) marker to that location, jumps the cursor to the next marker, and selects it. From that point on, it's just a matter of placing the cursor, then hitting a key, placing the cursor, hitting a key... Once it's all done, it's a simple matter to "CD Mark Groups", and blam, I've got my CD Image practically finished.

If I have a chance before showtime, I'll type the program into the Notes tab, then highlight and copy each title, to paste it into the Marker name field as it's created. This way, because "CD Mark Groups" takes each Track's name from its Marker, I'm that much closer to being done. I'll throw in a couple of Default Fade-Ins and Outs here and there, finish up the CD Text, create the PMI, then pop in a blank CDr to burn while I go start coiling up mic cables. On a good day, I can place a finished, edited CD into the hands of the performer within forty minutes of the end of the show, and be almost ready to load out.