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network recommendations

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 20:43
by charlienyc
does anyone have a recommendation for a NIC for an AVID S3 attached to the same computer as a NAS and Ravenna? the NAS runs on the onboard NIC and Ravenna on the Merging card.
should i get a gigabit switch instead of a third NIC to handle the NAS and S3?

Re: network recommendations

PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 02:38
by mpdonahue
There are basically 2 classes of NICs, those with TCP/IP Offload and those without.
The fundamental difference is the offload NICs do the IO processing on the card whereas the others use CPU cycles to do the processing.
My suggestion is to look for an Intel chipped offload NIC with the number of ports to do what you want.
Next thing to learn about is network optimization and IP address space for private networks.....The normal source of problems in Ravenna networks is poor IP address allocation.
All the best,

Re: network recommendations

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 15:07
by robertopisa
If you use ASIO Merging Ravenna driver, it may help also to run some netsh optimisations.

Login as administrator and open the CMD terminal from the Windows start menu.
Run the following command to see the current status (and to resume that in case of issues):

Code: Select all
netsh interface tcp show global

In my case, I changed the three items indicated below by an arrow:


Commands are the following ones, you can try one at time, you have to reboot to take them into effect:

Code: Select all
netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled
netsh interface tcp set global chimney=enabled
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted

Smoother network traffic and improved sound image is the effect.

Before running what I described above: if you want to go further in the optimization, you may want to try the free SpeedGuide TCP Optimizer, which allows you to make a backup of the settings, so you can roll back to your previous situation if you do not like the new one. I chose the optimal configuration, and let TCP Optimizer change my settings. After that, I ran the netsh commands that I mentioned above. You can download SpeedGuide TCP Optimizer here:

At the end, it is safe to rerun the installation of the ASIO Merging Ravenna driver, option "Repair", to be sure that everything is ok.