New case for Horus...

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New case for Horus...

Postby johanneso » Thu Sep 24, 2015 22:23

Hi fellow mergingists,
I want to downsize my current giant 4U SKB shock-mounted rolling rack case to a smoother 2U solution holding only the Horus.
I'm thinking of having the front and back panels of the rack be hinge-mounted so that they make out feet for the case, and have the back panel be equipped with rack mounting. That's where the XLR connectors will go, see? The multicables from the connectors then need to come out from the connector panels and back to the Horus in the case.
One thing that came to mind is if there are any useful 25-pin flatcables that can be used for this application; any of you aware of some such?
Other thoughts about the plan? Should I go for a 3U rack and leave 0,5U above and below for circulation?

Julian Gough
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Re: New case for Horus...

Postby Julian Gough » Sun Sep 27, 2015 20:08

I have installed two Horus units each in 3U wooden flight cases. On the back I have built a 3U connector panel, with 3x16 Neutrik Universal mounts. I was then able to mount connectors for audio (XLR), network (CAT5e), MADI and Wordclock (BNC) and mains (Neutrik Powercon). I also use the 1U space on the front for a strip of connections too. I have a variety of 1U strips which I change depending on the requirements of the job.

I made this using installation cables, it takes time and requires skill with a soldering iron. I did not put hoods or retaining screws on the D25 connectors, they have not fallen off yet !!!

Cooling is at the side of Horus, so space above and below is not really necessary, also the screw holes on 19" racks are not a uniform spacing so you cannot mount a 2U box at a 0.5U position unless you have the flight case made with the rack strips at a 0.5U offset. Then you loose the flexibility of using that 3rd U of rack space, you never know when you might need it.

I hope that helps,


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Re: New case for Horus...

Postby DJS » Mon Sep 28, 2015 23:05

Julian Gough wrote:Cooling is at the side of Horus, so space above and below is not really necessary, ...

I have a similar setup, but the lack of space in the side, top and bottom, causes Horus' fan to run at full speed. I have freed up a 1RU space above horus and it is much happier. In sub-tropical Brisbane here, cooling and airflow are important. :)
David Spearritt
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