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Optical drive with best CD read performance

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 07:04
by chane
The first optical drive that I actually bought separately to install in a desktop pc was the Plextor PX760, which I think Plextor said was a step up from the PX716 that Merging recommended, circa 2006. But now when I swap the PX760
between my two desktops it keeps skipping whenever I play any CD.

I rip a lot of CDs, though I rarely burn CDs or DVDs. So CD read performance is crucial.

Assuming that this Plextor drive is not worth fixing (do service companies even do this anymore?), can someone recommend an optical drive with the very best music CD read performance?

Might there be a consensus here for such an optical drive?

Re: Optical drive with best CD read performance

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 21:46
by crna59
We've been using Blu-ray drives from Sony and ?? Haven't had any problems reading/writing on any discs.