Multicore Desktop Processors and their desktop boards: Any r

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Multicore Desktop Processors and their desktop boards: Any r

Postby chane » Mon Apr 14, 2014 20:53

With the end of the Window XP security updates, among other factors, I needed to take some time to replace my ancient tower pc, with one the runs either an Intel Ivy Bridge 4 or 8 core or the latest Haswell 4 core processor. To minimize fan and/or electrical noise, the better choice appears to be the low power versions of the processors Ivy Bridge
( ... ocessor.29 )
E5-2630 v2 (6 core, 2.6GHz, LGA2011 socket, 80w), E5-2630L v2 (6 core, 2.4GHz, LGA2011 socket, 60w), E5-2428L v2 (8 core, 1.8GHz, LGA1356 socket, 60w)-or the new Haswell
( ... 2822_nm.29 )
E3-1285L v3 (4 core, 3.1GHz, LGA1150 socket, 65w) and ( ... processors )
i7-4770S(4 core, 3.1GHz, LGA1150 socket, 65w), and i7-4770R(4 core, 3.2GHz, LGA1150 socket, 65w).

My chief priority will always be audio signal quality (i.e. editing of uncompressed wav files of music CD tracks for playback via USB or a balanced AES card feeding a high performance external DAC). But I also would like to eventually use this computer for DVD as well as more demanding BluRay movie disc editing.

Though presently having no hands on experience and minimal knowledge of computer video editing, I do know that the most time consuming phase of the process is recompression of the edited video back into the BluRay movie disc format. Depending on the software and hardware resources, recompression could take anywhere from 45 minutes to well over 90 minutes. So I thought that a new pc with one of the above six or eight core model processors and 16GB of RAM, together with the right software apps, might significantly reduce BD compression time-perhaps to as little as 30 minutes.

Again, however, my primary concern is audio quality. Therefore, compared to the ubiquitous dual core processors, could using four, six or eight core Ivy Bridge or the new Haswell four core processors somehow pose any degree of risk to audio quality, in one or more ways?

And, of course, of particular interest would be any related incidents involving any of the specific (low power) processors listed above, and/or desktop boards they were used in.

Before I make this computer purchase, any advice or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Multicore Desktop Processors and their desktop boards: A

Postby klaukholm » Mon Apr 14, 2014 21:31

The absolute safest way to go is one of the four merging turnkey systems. These will, of course, also work very well with Mergings VCube should you choose use that for your video work.
If you want to put together your own system, consult this page and stick with these recomendations

Here are the turnkey computers

There is no sonic benefit to faster or slower processors, what you are looking for is system stability and horsepower

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Re: Multicore Desktop Processors and their desktop boards: A

Postby DJS » Wed Apr 16, 2014 22:57

chane wrote:Therefore, compared to the ubiquitous dual core processors, could using four, six or eight core Ivy Bridge or the new Haswell four core processors somehow pose any degree of risk to audio quality, in one or more ways?

CPU choice has nothing to do with audio quality. In a computer, the latter comes from the DAC and the DAC alone. There is nothing inside a computer that can affect audio quality, its all just data. If the bits don't go where they're supposed to then your computer is broken.
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Re: Multicore Desktop Processors and their desktop boards: A

Postby bfburkejr » Fri Apr 03, 2015 08:33

I already have a computer that I built myself. It is based on the ASUS KGPE-D16 Mother Board. It has 2 x AMD Opteron 6282-SE CPU's that are 16 cores each and capable of running all cores at 3 Ghz. They are full cores and not hyper threaded. If more speed is need they are capable of shutting down one core and boosting the next core to 3.3Ghz for a total of 8 cores x 2 processors running at 3.3Ghz.

I also have 2 SSD's 1 x 256 GB and 1 x 512 GB. In addition I have 2 x 1 TB 7200 rpm drives on the slower front bus (GB/sec) for longer term file storage and 4 x 2 TB Western Digital Black Enterprise Drives set up as a Striped RAID on the second faster Buss (6 GB/sec). The RAID is managed by a proprietary PIKE card from ASUS and holds samples and read/write time dependent material. The SSD's are both on the fast buss as well and One holds the OS which is Windows 7 Ultimate SP2. The smaller on is used mainly for recording onto with Cakewalks SONAR.

Off line processing can take place at 386 KHz x 64 bits. I currently use MOTU 424 PCIe card in/out solution consisting of both digital and analog in/out at up to 192 KHz x 32 bits. There are 12 in/out XLR analog/digital connection; 24 in/out TRS analog connections operating at up to 96 KHz x 32 bits and a combination digital/analog input/output box with 8 x TRS; 24 ADAT optical; 24 TDIF; and 2 SPDIF coaxial connections all boxes connected to the proprietary MOTU 424 PCIe card are word clock able.

I also have 2 complete Intel Gigabit Ethernet Connections with separate circuits and have gotten an Audinate Virtual Sound card as well as the controller, although I have as yet to implement it. My Video Card is an AMD/ATI 7850 Black Edition with Factory overclocking and 1920x1080 resolution on 2 x 27"screens with the ability for a third and maybe a fourth screen. I am looking into integrating a touch screen with which to operate SONAR that would reside above my Synthesizer Keyboard and MIDI board. They are a KORG 3rd Generation KRONOS - 88 and a Novation SL 61 ReMOTE with a Fatar Keybed as well as a KORG M-3 88 Keybed with a KORG Radius Module mounted on it and MIDI/USB able.

SONAR has decided to come out with DSD support, but I am not pleased with it's recent (X3 Producer Edition) instability. I am also hearing the new Edition is worse and am looking for a change; upgrade. I also have Reason 5 and Ableton Live Suite 9 installed, I tried Bitwig and it was nothing but a big mess that sounded bad.

I have just heard of Merging Technologies recently and would like anyone's input as to if my computer would be compatible and if in fact you can do full production all in the Bit-Stream realm. I seem to remember from physics some 30 years ago, LOL, that Bit-Stream had the problem of not having a wave starting point or something on that order making it almost impossible to edit with out converting to PCM, of course a lot happens in 30 years :) Any and all serious opinions are welcome, I hope I have picked a good place to ask about my concerns.

The computer issue is because I can't afford right now to just up and dump a rather new very powerful computer. Oh, BTW it has 128GB od registered DDR RAM; I am afraid I don't remember the speed off the top of my head but it was the fastest that would work at the time a couple of years ago.

Thanks So much for any input!
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Re: Multicore Desktop Processors and their desktop boards: A

Postby Graemme » Fri Apr 03, 2015 09:11

Pyramix handles DSD processing in the DXD realm. DXD = 352k8 s/s PCM at 32 bit floating point resolution.

As far as your computer is concerned, the only way to find out if a non-standard configuration (like yours) will work is to try it. Thoroughly.

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