Pyramix V6 SP1 Released

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Pyramix V6 SP1 Released

Postby Nicolas Cavin » Fri Aug 08, 2008 16:48

The Merging Technologies Development Team is proud to announce the Release version of Pyramix Virtual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 1. This new version is more than just a Service Pack with only bug fixes, since it contains many new features and improvements that we hope will please you all!

New Features:

· VST plug-ins automation support
· VST Time Info Support (Time-line based plug-ins like the Melodyne Plug-in are now supported)
· VS3 Plug-ins Multi Stems support
· New Stereo Balance modes
· New Fade Editor Features
· Standard Drag & Drop to Global library and Default Composition Library (e.g. from desktop to Pyramix Global Library using Pyramix officially supported media files)
· New ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement) integration
· Bi-Phase support for USB Sync Interface
· Tascam DM-3200 Controller support
· New Vari Chase mode support
· New ISIS Mapping for the Fade Editor


· Pyramix 6.0 SP1 version comes with a MassCore upgrade (RTX). This MassCore update allows you to use the iLok protected plug-ins (e.g. Altiverb or Waves) in Pyramix MassCore mode.
· MassCore Jog/Scrub improvements
· Memory handling and Automation improvements
· Record Engine performance improvements
· OASIS 1.2 (included in Pyramix V6.0SP1)
· VST plug-in control support.
· Automation, snapshots and control improvements
· Enhanced Machine control support (Complete set of externally controlled machines connected to Pyramix)
· And many more

Find all details about the new features, improvements and bugs fixes in the Pyramix V6.0SP1 Release Notes.

A clean install is recommended but not mandatory. At installation you might need to install a MassCore upgrade (RTX) from the MT Security Setting, MassCore Page. Please follow the instruction message if displayed at the Pyramix Launch.

Please note that Pyramix 6.0 SP1 with MassCore is currently not yet supported under Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3, since the MassCore installer not compatible with those updates. The Pyramix Compatibility and Upgrade Information is available here:

The Merging Team