How do you like EuCon?

3rd Party controllers used with Merging products
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Perfect Record
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How do you like EuCon?

Postby Perfect Record » Sat Jan 28, 2012 00:40

I'm not talking about the 32b/64b driver issues

How do you like this controller operationally?

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Re: How do you like EuCon?

Postby Filmsat59 » Mon Jan 30, 2012 16:20

We have a Euphonix 5mc, a little Artist series desk (Control and Mix) and also 3 Tangos here.

The first thing that I would say about the Eucon/Oasis combination is that compared to the Tango/Oasis it uses a LOT of memory.
We have fairly hefty sessions with a lot of automation and there is a very obvious difference when the Pyramix has Eucon running compared to how it performs with the Tango.

The 32/64 bit issue is very concerning for us - having 2G memory limit is crippling the system using Eucon - If it's a smaller project and the pyramix is running with sufficient memory (process <800M) then it works really well, but on larger projects the system struggles with that memory limit.
Under low memory conditions the pyramix is a lot less stable, and if/when the Pyramix crashes it can cause the 5MC to lose connection to its modules, and then it's a time-consuming reset needed.

We're really hoping that Merging and Avid can address this fairly quickly. Ironically we have the 20 fader tangos in our smaller theatres, but they can cope with larger and more complex projects than the larger 5mc (or artist) using Eucon at the moment.

Happy to provide more info if you need it

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