Zoom R24 (Mackie compatible) and Pyramix

3rd Party controllers used with Merging products
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Jesús Lázaro
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Zoom R24 (Mackie compatible) and Pyramix

Postby Jesús Lázaro » Tue Jan 17, 2012 02:09

We are using now a Zoom R24 to record on location for a radio program. That machine can be used as controller as a Mackie (it is Mackie compatible) and as a AD interface because has its own ASIO drivers. We have tried to used it with our Pyramix (Mackie) and the transport works fine (you know... play, record, shuttle...) but the faders doesn't work at all. Of course, we have tried with other audio software (Cubase, Audition...) and those the machine works with no problem (faders, mute, solo, pan, transport...).

Why does it no works fine in Pyramix (faders)?

Also we tried to use as interface with its own ASIO driver but Pyramix does not "see" the machine (no error, but any sound in or out). The others DAWs works fine in this point too.


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Re: Zoom R24 (Mackie compatible) and Pyramix

Postby ProCopy » Sun Jun 03, 2012 06:38

Hi Jesus
did you solve this problem?,
I have one of these and it would help me in some current work if I could get it up and going before
purchasing another controller.
How did you install the Zoom 24 in the Pyramix System?